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Sprayer Calibration & Service Bookings

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Spray-Tec Office


Clinton: 022 090 2670

Postal: PO Box 9227

           Tauranga 3142

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Sprayer calibration
Sprayer Calibration & WOF/Maintenance check

Spray-Tec has the ability to refine and check your sprayer calibration to give you the best result from your sprayer to benefit the health and production of your crops. We perform a detailed calibration and maintenace check incorporated with a detailed report that will help you achieve the best your sprayer has to offer.

Horticulture sprayer

Coverage is key on all crops!

Better coverage is achieved from prunning strategies and most of all your sprayers setup. Every sprayer is different. We work with the air out put from your individual sprayer and match speeds and nozzles to suit the application.

Hicane calibration
Nozzle selection

It is important to chose the correct nozzles to produce the correct droplet size, pattern and volume for each application. The Horticulture, Viticulture and Agriculture industry has been moving forward introducing new types of nozzles in different applications for better efficacy.



Year Established




Sprayers Calibrated Annually


Qualified Staff
Make and models

All Makes & Models



Spray-Tec Consultants Limited have been calibrating sprayers for a period of nearly 30 years, and have amassed a considerable database of knowledge with regard to effective sprayer calibrations for a range of crops. 


Clinton Heard in partnership with Lindsay Heard of Brenmark Ltd purchased the business in 2015. The team of Spray-Tec Consultants have over 50 years professional experience in Sprayer Calibration for crops including: kiwifruit, pipfruit, stonefruit, berries, grapes, persimmons, tamarillos, passionfruit, lemons, mandarins, oranges, avocados, olives, horticultural nurseries and shelter trees. Spray-Tec has also calibrated boom sprayers for onions, potatoes, cereal crops and pasture.


Up to 2017 between 300 and 400 sprayer calibrations have been calibrated annually by Spray-Tec Consultants Limited. The area covered stretches from Kaitaia in the North to Central Otago in the South.


All test equipment is independently calibrated annually to ensure accuracy.  All aspects of the sprayer’s performance are checked, and spray patterns are setup in accordance with the appropriate industry guidelines, coupled with Spray-Tec Consultants Limited experience as to what works best for the particular sprayer/tractor combination undergoing the calibration. 


Prior to the business of sprayer calibration, Clinton has 10 years background in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Qualified in Automotive and Outdoor Power Equipment. Clinton has also Serviced, Repaired and Built orchard sprayers during his time in trades. Lindsay has over 30 years working in the Horticulture Industry and a wealth of knowledge in plant nutrition and fertilizer consultation.

If you are in the horticultural industry and want personal service and unbeatable professional expertise regarding air blast or boom sprayers, give the team at Spray-Tec Consultants a call today!

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